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Tech Productivity

Issue #97  (What Is Your Time Worth?) 12/21/20

Here's another great Ask Hacker News thread where a user asks:

I'm curious to know more about what automations people use day-to-day. Either cron jobs or other services?

If you're pretty nerdy when it comes to that sort of thing, you'll love the suggestions discussed, but my favourites are the top two comments that have one thing in common: Bread. To quote part of the first one:

"I realise this might not be what the question has in mind, but we have a bread machine. Just buying bread might be more 'automatic', but we've been evolving the process and recipe for the last 6+ months, and honestly the bread is now better than any but the best artisan loaves available locally, and hugely cheaper ... So from my point of view, I almost have 'automatic bread'."


And the first few lines of the next top comment:

"There's only one bakery in my area that has keto bread, but infrequently. I have a daily bot that scans the bakery page on the Uber eats equivalent webpage, then alerts me when bread is available."

That user also gives a list of more 'techy' automations. Amazing how a food that's been a staple in so many cultures for thousands of years still gets the most focus on a super-techy discussion forum!

Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!  


Tools & Apps

Shotr - A simple and attractive screenshot tool for Mac with ability to zoom in, measure, grab colors, and more.

LinkAce - A self-hosted free and open source bookmark archive built out of dissatisfaction with other similar tools.

33mail - A popular service for unlimited free disposable email addresses.

Tappy - Makes it easy to keep up with your teams with quality audio call and screen sharing. Start a new conversation with one click.

Sidekick - a revolutionary new work OS based on the Chromium browser. Designed to be the ultimate online work experience, it brings together your team and every web tool you use – all in one interface.

Cubbit Personal Cloud - Sync store and share your files with Cubbit Cloud. Enjoy the highest security standards and stop paying monthly fees for the cloud storage space. Spoiler: there’s a big discount for this newsletter's readers!   promoted  

Articles & Resources

Why Being Kind to Others is Good for Your Health - Science reveals that altruistic behaviours, from formal volunteering and monetary donations to random acts of everyday kindness, promote wellbeing and longevity.

What Is Your Time Worth? - A discussion of a study from 1997 compared with a new one from earlier this month.

How I Read Books: Setting Up a New System - Denys Zhadanov has analyzed his reading habits and come up with what he thinks is the best way to get the most out of reading.

The Pandemic Could Give Way to an Era of Rapid Productivity Growth - Businesses have adopted new processes and technologies—and there are signs that they may pay off.

Burnout Can Exacerbate Work Stress, Further Promoting a Vicious Circle - Work stress and burnout are mutually reinforcing. Surprisingly, the effect of work stress on burnout is much smaller than the effect of burnout on work stress


Have a suggestion for a productivity-related tool, article, or other resource? Send me a direct message via X (@LouisLazaris) and I’ll consider including it in a future issue.

Stay productive!


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