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Tech Productivity

Issue #84  (The Perfect Note-taking App) 09/21/20

As you may have noticed, there are tons of note-taking apps available and I've linked to many of them in this newsletter. If you find yourself having a hard time deciding which note-taking app is best for you, you might enjoy a YouTube video by Ali Abdaal called The Perfect Note-Taking App.

The Perfect Note-Taking App

He uses an interesting running analogy, comparing using note-taking apps to personal, intimate relationships. A little odd, but I think the point he makes is pretty clear, even if you disagree with anything he says on those personal subjects.

He seems to know his way around many of these apps, so if you're in a similar dilemma, the video is well worth a watch.

Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!

Tools & Apps

grptalk - Audio conferencing app for iOS and Android. Conference from anywhere, no internet or extra hardware needed. Have control of calls with handraise, mute, add, etc.

MailXto - Free, instant mailto link generator. Kind of like a URL shortener for mailto that also includes a generated QR code for each link.

Hare - Chrome or Firefox extension that's a search engine for your browser tabs, letting you quickly navigate through your open tabs.

Recordia - Mac app that lets you record audio directly from the menu bar or with a keyboard shortcut. Useful for voice memos, meetings, lectures, interviews, phone calls, voice-overs, and more.

Fetch - A simple tool to help navigate your ever growing knowledge base across various platforms. Integrates with Slack, Jira, GitHub, GSuite, Zendesk, HubSpot, and more.

Articles & Resources

Netflix’s Reed Hastings Deems Remote Work ‘a Pure Negative’ - Archived version because the original is behind a paywall.

Why Do So Many People Want Us Back In The Office? - Paul Taylor doesn't necessarily condemn going back to the office, but he believes adaptability is the key going forward.

How to Leave Work at Work - From February so this is before the remote work boom, but I feel like the 4 suggestions are even more important today, even if you have to somewhat apply them differently.

Why Efficiency is Dangerous and Slowing Down Makes Life Better - The argument here is based on the idea that 'good enough' is best.

When Your Coworker Does Great Work, Tell Their Manager - Great advice! But use with caution, as the article explains.


Have a suggestion for a productivity-related tool, article, or other resource? Send me a direct message via X (@LouisLazaris) and I’ll consider including it in a future issue.

Stay productive!


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