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Tech Productivity

Issue #278  (Fully Remote Companies Are Most Productive) 06/10/24


NativePath Collagen
So… what exactly does collagen do, again? This nutrient is Insta-trending for a reason – it’s essential for healthy skin, joints, and bones. The big bummer: many collagen supplements are made with artificial ingredients and (gross) animal byproducts. NativePath has a different approach.

NativePath Collagen

NativePath collagen is certified grass-fed and pure, and sourced from 100% happy, healthy cows… so you can put nutrients into a happy, healthy human.

It provides Types 1 and 3 collagen – more than 90% of your body’s needs. Plus, it’s tasty and provides 20 grams of protein, so you’ll get lots of energy to boot. Find out more about the many benefits of NativePath’s collagen powder on their website!

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A while ago I saved a few X threads by Blake Burge, who shares interesting tips and bits of content he finds. In one thread from a few years back, he shared 8 ways to double your Gmail productivity.

I don't actually use the Gmail web interface, but instead I use the Thunderbird email client with my Gmail accounts, so these aren't as useful to me. But if you use Gmail, you might like the tips (though some are fairly well-known).
8 ways to double your Gmail productivity by Blake Burge

The tips are:

  • Muting conversations
  • Scheduling emails
  • Using reply templates
  • Removing annoying tabs
  • Enabling the message preview pane
  • Using keyboard shortcuts
  • Using auto-advance
  • Self-destructing emails
Full details in each of the posts in the thread. And be sure to follow Blake as he always seems to post interesting stuff.
Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!


Tools & Apps

Scrintal — A note-taking and mind-mapping tool on an easy-to-use digital canvas to convert your creative ideas into structured knowledge.

Taskily — A task management platform that's straightforward, yet powerful, that includes an AI assistant, docs/assets management, team progress indicator, among other features.

Boxio — A native app for Mac and Windows that adds a simple sidebar to organize your projects into 'boxes', each of which is a digital home for a given project.

The Morning Paper for Tech — Want a byte-sized version of Hacker News that takes just a few minutes to read? Try TLDR's free daily newsletter. It covers the most interesting tech, startup, and programming stories in just 5 minutes.   sponsor  

Plume — A native writing app for Windows, Mac, and Linux, that has a fast and elegant UI that includes a kanban board for tasks and a distraction-free mode.

Littler Books — A resource of book summaries for top nonfiction books so you can learn the main ideas of influential books in minutes the concise yet comprehensive summaries.

Formula Wizard — An AI-powered tool that can write Excel, Airtable, and Notion formulas for you at the click of a button.

Articles & Resources

Why the “Eisenhower Matrix” is a Fantastic Productivity Hack — This technique helps you organizing tasks by importance and urgency, allowing you to clarify goals. values, and how you spend your time.

Using Psychology to Boost Team Performance — A good reminder for team leaders on the importance of understanding how group dynamics work differently than individual behaviors, with the goal of motivating others and solving problems. 

The Complete Full-Stack JavaScript Course — Learn full-stack JavaScript development with over 24 hours of HD video tutorials covering React, Node.js, LoopBack, Redux, Material UI, and Socket programming.     sponsor  

Fully Remote Companies are the Most Productive, Report Finds — According to an inaugural report called Impact of Technology on the Workplace, which surveyed a large sample of senior leadership professionals in the U.S., which included 1000+ responses.

What Type of Interruptions Impact Developer Productivity Most? — Based on research at the University of Calgary where they studied the various types of task interruptions in software engineering.

Workers are Secretly Using AI on Important Tasks Over Fears it Makes Them Look Replaceable — One of the findings from Microsoft and LinkedIn's Annual Work Trend Index, which looks at the effects of AI on the labor market by surveying 31,000 people across 31 countries.

How I Boosted My Productivity While Working on Multiple Projects — Advice from one developer who constantly has to switch gears, editing code, designing mockups, managing to-do lists, working on the command line, checking emails, etc.


Have a suggestion for a productivity-related tool, article, or other resource? Send me a direct message via X (@LouisLazaris) and I’ll consider including it in a future issue.

Stay productive!


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