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Issue #275  (Effects of Chocolate on Cognition) 05/20/24


NativePath Collagen
So… what exactly does collagen do, again? This nutrient is Insta-trending for a reason – it’s essential for healthy skin, joints, and bones. The big bummer: many collagen supplements are made with artificial ingredients and (gross) animal byproducts.

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If you love chocolate, it's always good news when you hear of its benefits in terms of brain and cardiovascular health. Of course, anything that's refined and processed is going to generally be bad for your health, or at the very least, won't provide much help health-wise. And refined chocolate products are certainly in that category.

But here's a must-read article from Frontiers, a popular research publisher and open science platform: Enhancing Human Cognition with Cocoa Flavonoids.
Cocoa and Chocolate with Nuts

It's not an easy read, but it's well-sourced. You can jump to the concluding section that sums things up but here's part of that section:

"Altogether, research on the effects of cocoa and chocolate on human cognition, although at its preliminary stage, converges at pointing to cocoa as a new interesting nutraceutical tool to protect human cognition and counteract different types of cognitive decline, thus encouraging further investigations."

So again, the benefits would mainly be felt in non-processed foods rather that what we normally refer to as 'junk food' chocolate. But it's good to know chocolate in some form may have specific cognitive benefits.

Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!


Tools & Apps

Tegon — An open-source Jira alternative. An AI-first, modern, and fast platform to simplify issue tracking for engineering teams.

Cap — An open-source video screencast and capture tool for Mac, as an alternative to tools like Loom, that's lightweight and lets you record and share videos in seconds.

Anytime Mailbox — Business starters, are you in need of a business address separate from your home? Anytime Mailbox provides a seamless solution, securing a private, professional address with added benefits like mail forwarding and scanning for ultimate convenience. Start browsing locations today.     sponsor  

MaxFocus — A browser extension that lets you 'peek' at links without leaving the current page, to help avoid the problem of unnecessarily piling up too many open tabs in your workspace.

Inbox Zero — A secure, AI-powered email manager and organizer for Gmail, Outlook, etc., to clean your email inbox quickly so you can stay productive.

Notepad — A simple and efficient all-in-one tool that lets you track time, organize tasks, generate reports, prepare invoices, schedule focus time, and manage your contacts.

Cleft Notes — An AI-powered, privacy-first voice notes app for Mac that transforms your thoughts into coherent text along with heading titles and will even reorganize structure for readability.

Articles & Resources

The Simple Secret of Productive People — The 'secret' discussed here is what's commonly referred to as "deep work", so if you're unfamiliar with that concept, this is a good intro.

Beware the Mid-Career Crisis for Programmers: The Four Major Causes — Possibly a timely article for some of us, delving into the root causes of the so-called "crisis at 35", and how to avoid certain pitfalls and enhance your progress.

Save 20+ Hours On AI Development — KitOps is a cross-platform and open-source packaging and versioning system for AI/ML projects, to simplify handoffs between data scientists, application developers, and SREs working with LLMs and other AI/ML models. Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.     sponsor  

Everyone is on Their Phones. But is it Really Phone Addiction We’re Experiencing? — There's been a recent push to 'medicalize' phone addiction. This comprehensive article includes some personal experiences with this type of addiction.

In Defense of the Unoptimized Life — From early 2023, Evan Armstrong, who runs the popular Napkin Math newsletter, explains a little about his success, in spite of his sloppy work ethic.

27 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Said the Best Employees Focus on Content, Not Process. Research Shows He Was Right — Quotes are based on a two and a half minute video that the article links to on YouTube, if you want to see the original source.

The Difficulties and Opportunities of Managing a Remote Team — If your team faces specific challenges with remote or hybrid teams, this brief set of suggestions might inspire some changes for the better.


Have a suggestion for a productivity-related tool, article, or other resource? Send me a direct message via X (@LouisLazaris) and I’ll consider including it in a future issue.

Stay productive!


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