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Issue #274  (How To Get Acquired) 05/13/24


NativePath Collagen
So… what exactly does collagen do, again? This nutrient is Insta-trending for a reason – it’s essential for healthy skin, joints, and bones. The big bummer: many collagen supplements are made with artificial ingredients and (gross) animal byproducts.


NativePath has a different approach. NativePath collagen is certified grass-fed and pure, and sourced from 100% happy, healthy cows… so you can put nutrients into a happy, healthy human.

It provides Types 1 and 3 collagen – more than 90% of your body’s needs. Plus, it’s tasty and provides 20 grams of protein, so you’ll get lots of energy to boot. Find out more about the many benefits of NativePath’s collagen powder on their website!

Get Yours Today →

Hey everyone, I don't do this very often but I'd like to use this week's intro to briefly remind everyone of the different ways you can support this newsletter.

Due to the huge influx of newsletters of late, it's getting much harder to find regular advertising to help make the newsletter profitable. I run three different newsletters and lately almost all the ads I include are either affiliate links or PPC ads. Those aren't terrible, but over the long haul, they're not enough to warrant the time I put in every week to curate each link and write the content.

To keep the newsletters afloat, all I would need from all my newsletter audiences combined is about $1 USD per month from about 10% of my users. That's not a lot and it would only be a small percentage of readers. Some of you may be able to contribute, others may not be able to, or you may choose not to.

Whatever happens, as long as I'm doing the newsletter, the content will be free. Ultimately it would be ideal to be able to remove ads completely and allow the subscribers to monetize my work directly. If you'd like to contribute, below are two ways you can do that.

Support Me Via GitHub Sponsors
Support via GitHub Sponsors

GitHub Sponsors allows you to contribute regularly each month or you can choose to give a one-time donation. A number of people have already chosen to either sign up monthly for a small amount or give a one-time donation.

Give a One-time Contribution via PayPal

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PayPal is a little more accessible to most users, so if you'd like something a little more universal, you can offer a one-time contribution through PayPal. I know many of you aren't programmers, so GitHub might be a little off limits for you. But I'm sure for most of you PayPal is a viable option.

Again, there is no pressure to contribute and you can give whatever is in your budget. And if you would rather not contribute, that's not a problem either. You can continue to receive the content free (i.e. I won't be switching to a pay-only model).

Thanks for your readership and for continuing to support my work!

Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!


Tools & Apps

Bookmarkish — A bookmarking service that will email you once every week with two of your bookmarks, as a reminder to revisit them.

Calendly for Web Browsers — A new browser extension for Calendly, the popular scheduling tool, that provides one-click access to its features, available for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Anytime Mailbox — Business starters, are you in need of a business address separate from your home? Anytime Mailbox provides a seamless solution, securing a private, professional address with added benefits like mail forwarding and scanning for ultimate convenience. Start browsing locations today.     sponsor  

Formula Bot — An AI-based tool that connects to your spreadsheet apps, analytics, websites, and more, to explore, analyze, visualize, convert text to formulas, scripts, etc.

Beloga — An AI knowledge assistant for teams that allows you to have more control over the information you want, with ability to verify the output you get, and stay focused with optimal efficiency.

Keep It Shot — A native Mac file renamer that utilizes AI to automatically provide descriptive names for your images and videos and creates a private, offline search index. — A Chrome extension that enhances your right-click (context) menu, offering ChatGPT-powered shortcuts wherever you go online.

Articles & Resources

Optimizing the Remote Work Environment for Better Productivity: What to Do — Studies results on remote work productivity vary so this article examines what can be done to have the best possible outcome when working remotely.

How Fear of Regret Influences Our Decisions — A bit of a philosophical look at making decisions, with the example of an experimental game involving cups and dice, to demonstrate people's fear of regret.

Save +20 Hours On AI Development–KitOps — The average dev team will waste over 20-hours handing off models and trying to get them running. With the Kit CLI, you're only two commands away from a running model with all of its artifacts and dependencies at the tip of your fingers.     sponsor  

Zooming In on Our Brains on Zoom — Not surprisingly: "A new study finds that neural signaling during online exchanges is substantially suppressed compared to activity in face-to-face conversations."

Stopping and Starting: Why It Can Be Hard to Make Transitions — If your focused and enjoyable work is constantly being interrupted by less important matters, this advice might help.

To Get Acquired, Remove Yourself — An interview with entrepreneur Kevin McArdle, who runs a holding company that acquires software startups, in which he gives some advice on getting acquired.

Use the CODE Method to Manage Your Digital Hoarding — If you find yourself saving more than you can manage online, this is a 'second brain' content curation technique that you might want to look into using.


Have a suggestion for a productivity-related tool, article, or other resource? Send me a direct message via X (@LouisLazaris) and I’ll consider including it in a future issue.

Stay productive!


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