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Tech Productivity

Issue #271  (Return to Office is a Mistake) 04/22/24


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If being a perfectionist is holding you back from doing more, you'll want to check out the video Imperfect Action Beats Perfect Inaction from the Outperform YouTube channel.

The video is a black-and-white animation with voice over and it's relatively short at under 7 minutes.
Imperfect Action Beats Perfect Inaction

YouTube video on perfectionism by Outperform

I have to admit, I personally do suffer from a lot of the things mentioned in the video, though I wouldn't necessarily call myself a perfectionist. I definitely procrastinate writing certain articles or doing other content, simply because I feel it's not good enough.

As the author mentions, perfectionism can be a huge productivity killer, so I hope you'll enjoy the primary suggestion provided using the acronym "FBR", which I won't spoil for you but I'll say it's great advice.

Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!


Tools & Apps

Webtag — A free text-based bookmarking website with features like text-only, tags, private bookmarks, sharing via @-mentions, import/export, and lots more.

TimeLapze — An open-source menu bar app for Mac for creating color-accurate screen and camera time-lapses (i.e. it's a screen recorder) without excessive file sizes.

Jellypod — An iOS app that uses AI to convert your inbox messages (using a new custom email address) to a personalized daily podcast for easier consumption.

Meeting Cost Calculator — An app that provides teams with detailed analytics and insights about your time spent and productivity, particularly in relation to the number of meetings.

Simpler Invoice — An invoicing app for self-employed workers to create, send, and track customizable invoices easily, save and track clients, and more.

Anytime Mailbox — Business starters, are you in need of a business address separate from your home? Anytime Mailbox provides a seamless solution, securing a private, professional address with added benefits like mail forwarding and scanning for ultimate convenience. Start browsing locations today.     sponsor  

Solid Apps — This is actually a series of apps for focus, building better habits, keeping a diary/journal, note-taking, calendar, and an all-in-one app that combines many of the features of the others into one.

Articles & Resources

Two Nights of Broken Sleep Can Make People Feel Years Older, Finds Study — According to psychologists in Sweden who looked at more than 600 participants across two different studies ranging from ages 18 to 70 and 18 to 46, respectively.

Return to Office is a Mistake — Based on the idea that "cubicle farms" increase the amount of interruptions developers have to deal with throughout the day, as opposed to remote work which is like an office with a closed door.

The Morning Paper for Tech — Want a byte-sized version of Hacker News that takes just a few minutes to read? Try TLDR's free daily newsletter. It covers the most interesting tech, startup, and programming stories in just 5 minutes. No sports and no politics.     sponsor  

Paying People to Work on Open Source is Good Actually — From software developer Jacob Kaplan-Moss who admits this is a bit of a rant, but I think a lot of people will agree.

What To Do When You’re Out of Ideas — Valuable advice from a writer who feels she ran into this problem, which may have been related to burnout, but her suggestions should benefit any creator lacking ideas for fresh content.

The No. 1 Mistake That Can Lead Highly Successful People to Burnout — According to a Harvard psychology expert, this is actually a list of 5 things that lead to burnout with the first one being "You are on the go all the time".

The IT Productivity Paradox — Evidently this resource is from some time before 2011 and you can navigate all the parts of it using the menu on the left, which covers background, IT growth, problems with measuring productivity, etc.


Have a suggestion for a productivity-related tool, article, or other resource? Send me a direct message via X (@LouisLazaris) and I’ll consider including it in a future issue.

Stay productive!


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