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Tech Productivity

Issue #247  (Music to Boost Motivation) 11/06/23

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If you're interested in how music is related to how your brain works and behaves, you'll want to check out a Spotify podcast episode by Huberman Lab called How to Use Music to Boost Motivation, Mood & Improve Learning.

While it is true that many of us probably already understand different ways we benefit from using music while working, maybe we haven't delved into the topic this deeply before. And this goes well beyond just putting on (or turning off?) some music in the background during focused or deep work sessions.
How to Use Music to Boost Motivation, Mood & Improve Learning

The episode is nearly two hours long, but there is a clickable time-stamped table of contents you can view when you expand the description.

As taken from the description, the episode covers:

" your brain and body are fundamentally wired to perceive and respond to music and how those responses can be leveraged to improve your mood, allow for processing sad emotions and enhance learning and performance."

If you're interested in using music as a performance-enhancing tool, this is definitely a must-hear episode.

Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!


Tools & Apps

Tabliss — A new tab page extension for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox that includes lots of widgets, customization options, and backgrounds.

Clockify — A cross-platform time tracker and timesheet app for teams that lets you track work hours across projects, with unlimited users and it's free forever.

Bytes: Your Favourite JavaScript Newsletter — I subscribe to a lot of newsletters, but this is definitely one I look forward to. Entertaining with lots of cool and useful coding tidbits and tools.    sponsor  

TalkNotes — An AI-based voice-to-notes app to turn your messy thoughts into actionable notes, with different styles to choose from when transcribing your voice recordings.

Zace — A Gantt chart-based project management app to plan, schedule, collaborate, track, and manage multiple projects with teams of any size, on-the-go, from anywhere. — An advanced calculator app for web or natively on Windows or Mac for doing personal finance, expenses, startup money calculations, math/science, and more.

Hypertype — An AI-powered email assistant that allows you to quickly draft email replies by extracting relevant information from your emails, PDFs, Excel sheets, and knowledge base.

Articles & Resources

Three Dimensions of Developer Productivity — A summary of a 2019 paper called  A Software Development Productivity Framework, which attempts to define developer productivity.

Self-Efficacy: The Key to Understanding What Motivates You — Insight into why we give up on things like working out regularly, why we waste time on our digital devices, and similar areas where motivation is lacking.

Where the Smart Money Thrives, No Matter the Economic Forecast — The address for the hottest ticket in town? WebStreet. They match accredited investors with portfolio managers specializing in cash-flowing online businesses in areas like Micro-Saas and Amazon FBA.    sponsor  

Feeling Stressed? Try This Time-tested Brain Dump Technique — Lots of information here on what exactly a brain dump is, why it's helpful, along with some common mistakes associated with brain dumps.

The Resistance List — A quick tip that suggests you do one thing every day that you've been avoiding, or resisting doing, to help avoid mental resistance in general.

Want to Succeed in Your Job? Say ‘No’ to Your Boss — From 2018, advice that goes against what Eric Schmidt said in 2012 at a commencement address at UC Berkeley, advice which the author says is in line with how top performers behave.

The 2-Step “Loci Method” For Memorizing Absolutely Anything — Some amazing memory feats are described in this article, even if you think the whole premise is click-bait, making the method at least worth looking into.


Have a suggestion for a productivity-related tool, article, or other resource? Send me a direct message via X (@LouisLazaris) and I’ll consider including it in a future issue.

Stay productive!


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