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Issue #239  (A Personal Account on Burnout) 09/11/23

This Productivity App Promises Balance
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A few months ago a Hacker News user posted in the Ask HN category: I am overflowing with ideas but never finish anything. The user explains further in the text of the post, but the basic idea is something that may affect a lot of us — not following through on any ideas.

It's interesting that the top comment says this is a trait of ADHD. While I think this could be a trait of ADHD, I think it's possibly just a symptom of the fast-moving technological times we live in. I've started many things I've never finished because it turned out they weren't all that interesting, practical, or valuable. Sure, I may have misjudged the value of something at some point, but that's okay. Most of the stuff I do see to fruition is generally stuff that will provide value to me (either monetarily, educationally, or something else).
The Finish Line

In the post, the problem seems to be that the user doesn't finish anything. So that's naturally a pretty serious issue. It's nice to be able to 'cross the finish line', so to speak, on the stuff we start.

Whatever the symptoms point to, the thread is worth reading if you find you have similar roadblocks to completing things. Of course, some conditions may need medical attention, and that's fine too if you choose to go that route. But it's always good to read how others respond in these circumstances and to consider if we may have a problem in this area too.

Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!


Tools & Apps

Kickresume — An online resume builder that lets you create a beautiful resume quickly with the help of artificial intelligence and some prebuilt and customizable templates.

Anori — Browser extension that provides a new tab page with custom styles and 12 built-in widgets like tasks, notes, weather, recently closed pages, bookmarks, and more.

Receiptor AI — Email plugin that automatically finds, extracts, and categorizes receipts and invoices from your inbox into accountant-ready reports or auto-forwards them to other systems.

This Productivity App Promises Balance — Sunsama is the daily planner for busy professionals – it helps you organize your tasks, meetings and emails all in one place. Our focus bar helps you keep track of your tasks and timer even outside of Sunsama. Try it and you don’t have to pay if you don’t save an hour every day.    sponsor  

Microsoft PowerToys — Initially released about 3 years ago, this is a set of utilities for power users to tune and streamline their Windows experience for greater productivity.

pCloud — A secure and simple-to-use cloud storage app, as alternative to Dropbox, with up to 10GB of free storage and access to your files via any device on desktop or mobile.

Lowqee — An offline password manager with strong encryption, easy importing/exporting, a password generator, and more.

Articles & Resources — A crowdsourced resource that lets you search rate data for freelancers, consultants, and any other type of self-identified contractual workers. It's free and anonymous to submit your rates and view others.

Taxonomy of Procrastination — Here the author classifies all the different reasons we might procrastinate, after which some practical solutions are provided.

Bytes: Your Favourite JavaScript Newsletter — I subscribe to a lot of newsletters, but this is definitely one I look forward to. Entertaining with lots of cool and useful coding tidbits and tools.    sponsor  

Burnout — One engineer's brief but very personal account of his recent and somewhat sudden realization that he had 'hit a wall' so to speak and decided to take some time off.

How To Come Up With Good Business Ideas — Some good advice to help analyze any business idea to properly decide whether it's worth pursuing.

Visualized: The Daily Routines of Famous Creatives — An infographic demonstrating the habits of historical people like Charles Dickens, Maya Angelou, John Milton, Ben Franklin, and more.

Help! I’m So Tired of Doing My Team’s Busy Work — A question from a reader to this CNBC advice column that you might be able to relate to if you've faced a similar situation in your job.


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Stay productive!


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