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Issue #238  (Review of Paragon) 09/04/23

The following intro is a paid product review for Paragon, a platform for developers to embed in-app SaaS integrations that connect with their customers' apps.

I'm sure many of you who are working as developers and engineers are looking for ways to be more productive in creating apps and integrations. Users today have the expectation that SaaS apps integrate and connect with all their other services and platforms – anything from CRMs to marketing tools to office suites to ticketing systems, and more.

Having a B2B platform that makes it easy to integrate any of your customers' existing services is of prime importance. This is where Paragon proves to be a game-changer.

Paragon provides an SDK & embedded platform for integrating your product with third-party SaaS apps, providing your customers with a seamless, unified integration experience.

Some use cases include:
  • Sync your customers' Salesforce records to display within your app
  • Send notifications to your customers' Slack workspaces
  • Sync your customers' Google Calendar events to display in your app
Let's briefly consider Paragon's primary features.

Paragon includes a fully-managed authentication solution so you'll never need to worry about storing your customers' credentials for every 3rd party app or refreshing their tokens. Paragon's solution can be integrated into your app in just minutes and is compatible with any authentication back end (Auth0, Firebase, etc).

Authentication in Paragon
Paragon's Fully-managed Authentication

You can check out Paragon's docs for info on installing the SDK and setting up your authentication back end.

Another powerful feature, and the primary part of the Paragon platform, is Paragon's extensible Workflow Builder. The Workflow Builder allows you to build out even the most complex integrations using a set of prebuilt components.
  Paragon's Workflow Builder
Paragon's Workflow Builder

The extensive Paragon docs have a good guide on getting started with building workflows, so be sure to check that out. 

Paragon also features a fully configurable Connect Portal that allows users to connect their third-party app accounts to your application. Best of all, with Paragon's Connect Portal, you're not tied down to an opinionated UI, but you can use your own components or design system with Paragon's Headless Connect Portal.

Paragon's Headless Connect Portal
Using Paragon's Headless Connect Portal

And lastly, Paragon's platform gives you full observability across all your integrations, allowing you to debug, track usage, accelerate incidence response times, and set up notification logging. All of this allows you to analyze data on all your integrations so you can make informed decisions going forward.

Overall, Paragon is a powerful platform that allows engineering teams to ship complex integrations between their app and their users' apps in hours instead of weeks. So check out the full docs for more info and sign up for a 14-day trial to see if Paragon is the integration solution for your team.

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Stay productive!


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