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Issue #237  (J-Curves vs Stairs for Career Growth) 08/28/23

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A Hacker News reader asks Have you worked under great managers? I think we can all agree that management styles have a huge affect on productivity of those working under them.

The discussion (which isn't very long) has lots of point-form summaries of what people consider to be a great manager. Of course, depending on who responds, a thread like this could be a little skewed. For example, is it beneficial to hear only from those not in management roles? Or is it better to hear from managers themselves on the subject? I think a mix of both is good, but I'd definitely mostly like to hear from non-managers (i.e. those who have never been a manager and currently aren't).
Management leading while on a laptop

As mentioned, many of the responses are bullet lists, but I like this succinct response maybe the best:

"You don't work under great managers. You work on top of their support."

That just about sums up what many of the other comments said in great detail. I'm sure you'll enjoy the full discussion, especially if you're currently in a management role yourself.

Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!


Tools & Apps

Pastebot — A clipboard manager app for Mac, with features like ability to quickly recall previous clippings, apply powerful text filters before pasting, queue up multiple clippings, and more.

Toggl — Intuitive time-tracking software to boost performance and get paid for every billable minute, making time tracking painless for your entire team.

A Bite-Sized Productivity Email — Success stories and productivity gems in your inbox. Read it in just 30 seconds.    sponsor  

DeepNotes — An open source, end-to-end encrypted infinite canvas with deep bidirectional page navigation and live collaboration.

Is This Phishy? — A friendly email address to which you can forward sketchy emails (for free) and it tells you whether the email is a phishing scam. All emails and email addresses are deleted from their servers after 7 days.

SheetAI — A Google Sheets extension that adds a set of AI-driven functions to your spreadsheet so you can automate work and be more productive.

LinearMouse — An open-source mouse and trackpad utility for Mac that allows you to change settings per device, with improved pointer speed and acceleration, among other features.

Articles & Resources

Sweet Smell of Success: Simple Fragrance Method Produces Major Memory Boost — Bit of a weird one, but I'm always interested in ways to improve memory. Apparently the study showed a 226% increase in cognitive capacity for those who had a fragrance exposed to them nightly.

J-Curves vs Stairs: Two Approaches to Career Growth — The J-curve is a riskier way to grow your career but has a bigger payoff, whereas the 'stairs' method is a slower, less risky approach that leads to gradual growth.

Bytes: Your Favourite JavaScript Newsletter — I subscribe to a lot of newsletters, but this is definitely one I look forward to. Entertaining with lots of cool and useful coding tidbits and tools.    sponsor  

3 Questions to Get Unstuck and Start Making Progress — Some help for those who tend to procrastinate when problems arise, but the advice might also help those who are just stuck but not habitual procrastinators.

Former Google Recruiter’s Top 3 Resume Green Flags: ‘I Love People That Have Passion’ — A few weeks ago I shared a similar article on 'red flags', so this is a brief but more positive spin on the same subject.

The 4 Levels of Personal Knowledge Management — Tiago Forte's thoughts on the subject, which he teaches to students. His 4-stage process is called CODE: Capture, Organize, Distill, Express.

Examine — A one-stop resource for doing research on health, nutrition, and supplements, based on evidence-based analysis of whatever subject you search for.


Have a suggestion for a productivity-related tool, article, or other resource? Send me a direct message via X (@LouisLazaris) and I’ll consider including it in a future issue.

Stay productive!


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