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Issue #225  (How to Use Notion for Hybrid Work) 06/05/23

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How do you feel when working in a team and someone who isn't your superior gives you a suggestion or tip on how to do your job better? Do you react poorly, rejecting the advice? What if you're the one giving the advice? Do you feel slighted if the advice isn't accepted?

To understand what I mean by this, let's use the example of playing a sport. I like to play beach volleyball. I'm not a super expert, but I can get by at the game and can even play with some tough opponents. If I'm playing with experts that are clearly better than me, they'll often give me suggestions on how to improve. I'm more than happy to hear those suggestions! I know by applying their advice, I'll improve my game.
Beach Volleyball

The frustrating part, however, for me is when I'm playing with players who are clearly not as good as I am, and aren't even all that interested in playing by the rules. This is fine, it's a fun game, no big deal. But if I decide to provide a tip or suggestion in this context, I often get flack, and they don't respect my advice the same way I respect the advice of those who are better than me.

Of course, there's a time and a place for everything, and maybe a casual game of volleyball isn't the best place to be 'giving tips'. People just want to relax and have fun!

But I can definitely see how this sort of thing can cause tension in a workplace between team members where no leadership role is involved.

My basic advice is: If a team member who's your equal is giving you advice, take it seriously and accept the suggestion humbly and consider making use of it. That person might have a little more experience and expertise and the tip might even help you do your job better.

Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!


Tools & Apps — An AI-driven, collaborative checklist management tool designed to help organizations get things done and includes integrations with other popular tools.

FileDoge — A simple and free file-sharing service that includes an API (temporarily free), which lets you generate download links for files up to 200MB.

Create the “Atomic Habits” You Need for Success — 6000+ ambitious professionals trust Sunsama with their daily routines. With features such as Daily planning, Weekly objectives, and focus mode - the free trial is a no-brainer to test out. Plan your day in Sunsama, no card required.    sponsor  

Loop — A group messaging app for iOS and Android that makes group messaging more organized and without endless group chat streams, hijacked conversations, and constant notifications.

Bigcapital — An open-source QuickBooks alternative for online accounting software to automate business financial processes. — A plugin for Google Sheets and Excel that lets you use ChatGPT inside your spreadsheet so you can categorize, generate formulas, extract bits of text, and more.

Artykul — Mac or iOS app to find, read, and save your favorite articles in a single place, with features like folders, customizable feeds, and an offline reader view.

Articles & Resources

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How to Use Notion for Hybrid Work: The Ultimate Guide — Lots of practical suggestions specific to Notion users, and how these can help overcome challenges in doing hybrid work with your team.

Securely Share 2FA Tokens With Others, No Phone Needed — A browser-based 2FA authenticator for you and your team. Easy import from Google Authenticator, user management, read-only access, backups, and more. 2FA your team will love!    sponsor  

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5 Effective Ways to Build a Winning Team — The suggestions are: shared values, trust and respect, maintaining positivity, finding complementary skills, and transparency through communication.

Time Management for Freelancers Can Be Tough. Here are 10 Ways to Do it Easy — A really extensive guide from the TMetric blog that covers pretty much every time management issue you'll face as a freelancer along with possible solutions to improve.


Have a suggestion for a productivity-related tool, article, or other resource? Send me a direct message via X (@LouisLazaris) and I’ll consider including it in a future issue.

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