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Tech Productivity

Issue #223  (Plain Text Accounting) 05/22/23

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Here's a meme in a tweet that you might be able to relate to when it comes to how your day progresses and what does/doesn't get done:
Tweet about scheduled calls

Not sure where the meme originated but the account that tweeted it last year is a relatively small account. Nonetheless, the idea seemed to resonate with a lot of people.

One person responds by saying, "I be having to psych myself up to mentally prepare" and another says, "Can't do anything till after the call."

I definitely can relate to that latter comment. It's weird when you have some kind of call scheduled (whether phone or video) and the rest of your day doesn't feel like it makes much progress until after the call.

Does that mean all calls should be scheduled first thing in the day? Seems like that too has its drawbacks. There's probably no perfect solution other than to change our mindset and do our best not to view the call as something that will hinder our day's progress.

Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!


Tools & Apps

Duck — A free, note-taking application via chat that provides chat app features, not for collaboration, but for your writing, thinking, and recording.

clearspace — An iPhone app to help you minimize distractions by turning your iPhone into an environment where impulse-clicking is impossible and you'll never mindlessly scroll.

Securely Share 2FA Tokens with Others, No Phone Needed — A browser-based 2FA authenticator for you and your team. Easy import from Google Authenticator, user management, read-only access, backups & more. 2FA your team will love!    sponsor  

NodePad — A note-taking and brainstorming experiment designed to help you quickly capture ideas, organize them visually, and expand on them with the help of AI.

TaskPlanner — A Google Calendar integration that allows you to create tasks in Trello and this tool will automatically schedule them in your calendar as time slots.

DataQA — A Slack-native knowledge management app that helps teams bookmark, tag and save information inside Slack.

Resume Worded — An AI-powered platform that instantly gives you tailored feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Articles & Resources

It’s Time to Embrace Slow Productivity — A bit of a history lesson followed by the movement the author refers to as 'slow productivity', to keep an individual worker’s volume at a sustainable level and avoid inevitable stress and overhead.

DevEx: What Actually Drives Productivity — A study into the benefits of focusing on "DevEx" or "developer experience", amounting to a developer-centric approach to measuring and improving productivity.

Tower Makes Git Easy — Just ask the 100,000 developers using it around the world. A native Git client with Undo, Drag & Drop and Remote Services Integration so that you can build better software!    sponsor  

Plain Text Accounting — A resource for those interested in doing bookkeeping and accounting with plain text files and scriptable, command-line-friendly software, such as Ledger, hledger, or Beancount.

What Separates the Best Devs From the Crowd: 10 Critical Traits — Provides some suggestions to give you the right mix of tech skills, soft skills, and overall mindset, an often neglected but important trait.

New Neuroscience Reveals 6 Secrets That Will Increase Your Attention Span — Based on ideas in a book released earlier this year that discusses our constantly declining attention spans.

Building a Collaborative Asynchronous Work Environment — Fully embracing a remote workplace means letting everyone work when they want to work.


Have a suggestion for a productivity-related tool, article, or other resource? Send me a direct message via X (@LouisLazaris) and I’ll consider including it in a future issue.

Stay productive!


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