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Tech Productivity

Issue #201  (Learning Through Trial-and-Error) 12/19/22

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If one of the challenges to your productivity in 2022 has been procrastination, you'll want to check out the video Why you procrastinate even when it feels bad, from the Ted-Ed YouTube channel.

The video is just over 5 minutes long and it's not a traditional "Ted Talk" but instead an animated short. This is the first time I've come across this Ted-based channel which produces nothing but educational animated shorts. Apparently I've been living under a rock, because this channel has existed for years!
Why you procrastinate even when it feels bad

Some takeaways from the video:
  • We usually procrastinate tasks that are more stressful
  • Procrastination is basically your body trying to protect you
  • People procrastinate because they care too much and have a fear of failure
  • Procrastinators suffer from feelings of anxiety, shame, higher stress, and physical ailments that result from stress
  • Procrastination works as a stress reducer in the short term, which feeds into more procrastination
To get better, the video recommends:
  • Being hard on oneself doesn't work and often has the opposite effect
  • Break a task into smaller tasks so it's more manageable (this goes well with one of the apps I'm featuring in the "Tools" section below!)
  • Remove any nearby distractions that hold you back from doing what you need to do
  • Journal about your stresses/concerns related to procrastination, as this will hep reduce the stress and encourage you to get things done
For a short video, it's got a lot of good info related to procrastination so be sure to check it out if you haven't already.

Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!


Tools & Apps

Superhuman — An email client rebuilt from the ground up that enables you to fly through your inbox twice as fast as before, respond to important messages sooner, and eliminate email anxiety.

nb — A command line and local web note‑taking, bookmarking, archiving, and knowledge base application with plain text data storage, encryption, Git-based versioning, and more.

Dashlane — A security-first cross-device password manager with zero-knowledge patented encryption, a built-in password generator, unlimited secure password sharing, among other features.

VideoMako — Receive back video edits for a monthly fee, 1-2 days turnaround per edit. Includes short-form reels and long-form for YouTube.   sponsor  

Tatask — A todo and task app that breaks your goals into small tasks that are easier to manage to increase your productivity and reach a flow state.

Excelformulabot — Transform your text instructions into Excel formulas in seconds with the help of AI.

NetNewsWire — An open-source RSS reader for Mac, iPhone, and iPad that includes a Safari extension for adding feeds syncing via other RSS readers, themes, and more.

Articles & Resources

Learning Through Trial-and-Error — Using the example of inventors like Tesla and Edison, this piece promotes the value of getting to what we want after many mistakes and failed attempts.

5 Simple Guidelines For Better Breaks — A research-based argument in favour of improving the breaks we take, as opposed to filling our schedule with more meetings that sap our productivity.

Burned Out Tech CEO to Warehouse Associate — After a high-flying 20+ year career in tech, Philip Su burned out then found solace in a retail job as an Amazon Warehouse Associate.

Catch Up the Latest Hot News Topics with Morning Brew — This succinct newsletter covers the top business, tech, and finance news stories every day – in less time than it takes you to drink your first cup of coffee. Expect witty writing and only the most relevant updates from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.    sponsor  

The Perks of a High-Documentation, Low-Meeting Work Culture — The experience of the team at a company called Tremendous who have cut down on employee face time even though the team is already fully remote.

10 Proven Ways to Learn Faster to Boost Your Math, Language Skills and More Quickly — From 2018, a good list of things to try. Not all will work and some of these are fairly common recommendations on many such articles.

A Better Way to Think of Stress, According to Science — Based on a Nature study that focused on teenagers in school, but the approach could be helpful for adults dealing with stress from work or relationships too.


Have a suggestion for a productivity-related tool, article, or other resource? Send me a direct message via X (@LouisLazaris) and I’ll consider including it in a future issue.

Stay productive!


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