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Issue #181  (Which Productivity System is Best) 08/01/22

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An organization called Capgemini, who are focused on 'future of tech' type of research, recently released a report called The Future of Work: From Remote to Hybrid. This was a study that surveyed 500 organizations and 5,000 employees from a range of sectors, to answer four key questions:
  1. What do organizations and employees think about the sustainability of remote working models?
  2. What gains can organizations expect from these models?
  3. Have organizations effectively managed the shift to remote work?
  4. What steps should organizations take to effectively implement a hybrid working model and leverage its benefits?
The document rightly points out that this type of change in the workforce over the past 3 years would have taken decades if not for the pandemic. Of course, we never want to be happy about a pandemic that's taken so many lives. But as we find ourselves in this situation, we certainly want to examine if the way forward is being managed well and what impact it's having on work and productivity.
Capgemini's Future of Work Report

If you have time, you'll want to look through the full 56-page report. For a quick recap, you can go straight to page 3 for the executive summary that concludes that remote work is here to stay and has boosted productivity and cost savings. It also offers a number of recommendations for shifting to a hybrid workforce in the future.

Is this the future of work, or are we destined to go closer to the way things were? Nobody knows for sure, but it does seem like the switch to remote work is permanent for many organizations.

Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!


Tools & Apps

Spaces — A macOS app that offers your desktop two different modes to allow you to quickly and easily declutter your workspace. — People around the world recorded the sounds of their forests, so you can escape into nature, and unwind wherever you are.

Genially — A platform to create presentations, infographics, interactive images, video presentations, and more, either by yourself or with a team.

Listy — iOS or Android app for creating lists of just about anything (movies, todos, groceries, bookmarks, etc.), saved privately and with a nice clean interface.

Rune — A dedicated space that uses a custom email address where you can read, highlight, and share the newsletters you subscribe to.

Lurnby — An online platform that helps you understand and remember what you read through neuroscience-validated learning techniques. 

PostApex: Newsletter Ads Made Simple — The premium email advertising platform that lets you reach over 100 million readers across the world. You can discover email newsletters that fit your customer profile and effortlessly launch newsletter sponsorships.   sponsor  

Articles & Resources

An Ancient Technique Can Improve Your Attention Span — According to neuroscientist Amishi Jha, 12 minutes of mindfulness training a day strengthens your attentional systems.

How Dropbox CEO Drew Houston Stays Motivated by Solving Problems That Matter — A short interview by MIT Sloan with the CEO of Dropbox, with some nice thoughts on avoiding idea boredom, gaining inspiration, and more.

Which Productivity System is Best for You? — This is a follow-up post to a previous article that looked at four productivity systems. This one features another six options.

Brain Imaging Study Suggests That Drinking Coffee Enhances Neurocognitive Function — Based on a study published in Scientific Reports, to help make the connection between coffee and overall alertness.

People Who Read Live Longer Than Those Who Don’t, Yale Researchers Say — The extended lifespan applied to all reading participants, regardless of “gender, wealth, education, or health” factors.

A Big 32-Hour Workweek Test Is Underway. Supporters Think It Could Help Productivity — For six months, thousands of people across the U.K. will be working 32 hours a week in the largest four-day workweek pilot the world has ever seen.


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