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Tech Productivity

Issue #178  (Is Your Smartphone Ruining Your Memory?) 07/11/22

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If you're running a business or startup of some kind, you'll appreciate this Hacker News thread where a reader asks: What made your business take off that you wish you'd done much earlier? Good question, and the 470+ comments means a lot of people have an opinion on this.

Airplane taking off

Definitely check out the full thread but here are some of the top or most-discussed suggestions:

  • Market – I can see why people put this off. It's expensive and certainly not as fun.
  • Monetize / Charge / Charge More – This is an interesting one. Do you wait because you're afraid monetizing devalues your reputation? Or do you go for it? Interestingly, one of the commenters that recommends this is making $10k per month from ads on a solitaire website. Crazy!
  • Invest in SEO – We're definitely past the point where you can 'get there first' and win when it comes to SEO, so this is a good suggestion that I'm sure a lot of people overlook.
  • Become a Specialist – Would only apply to certain types of businesses, but I love this advice. I think it's great to be able to say you're the go-to person for a particular niche within your industry.
Lots of the suggestions are quite in-depth so I didn't have the space to include them here in my brief intro. But I'm sure many of you will benefit from a lot of the comments if you're looking for ways to make your product or service take off.

Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!


Tools & Apps

Hypervault — A next-generation data and password manager for teams that lets you store and secure any type of sensitive data for sharing with clients and team members.

Flowful — Ambient music that's designed for entering 'flow state' during your work. Unlimited listens on the free plan, but more tracks are available in premium.

organice — An implementation of Org Mode (an Emacs-based note-taking system) to help you manage todos, projects, vacation time, etc.

Social Intents — Live chat software that lets you chat directly with team members from a single place, with support for Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Webex.

Catche — A browser extension that's a personal search engine for bookmarks that doesn't require tagging or organization. — Integrate macOS into your Slack experience to organize multiple windows, annotate images and docs, integrate with your iOS devices, and more.

Build Internal Tools 10x Faster with Retool — Retool is the fast way for developers to build and share internal tools. Teams at thousands of companies like Amazon, DoorDash, Peloton, and Brex collaborate around custom-built Retool apps to solve internal workflows.   sponsor  

Articles & Resources

Is Your Smartphone Ruining Your Memory? A Special Report On the Rise of ‘Digital Amnesia’ — If you suffer from "I can't remember anything" syndrome, this might shed some light on why and tip on how you can improve the situation.

Why Programmers Are Not Paid in Proportion to Their Productivity — A  brief 2009 article with some highlights from an old Stack Overflow podcast episode.

To Meet Your Goals, Forget Willpower And Fill Your Toolbox — A psychological look at achieving more, based partly on one of the author's studies from 2017 on goal setting.

Coffee is Great for Your Brain, Unless... — The author is a daily coffee drinker and researched this because of a desire to understand how it works and whether or not it's having an effect on his health.

Productivity-sniped by PARA — Dave Rupert who you might know from web dev and Shop Talk Show, recently discovered the PARA productivity method and he writes about his findings here.

Could Physical Activity Be the Solution to . . . (Almost) Everything? — Something that should be shouted from the rooftops regularly as a help for obesity, depression, anxiety, and more. Note, not a "cure" but a "help".

Get 50 Free Leads — Generate leads for your business with Malthus. Their affordable and effective lead generation services can help you target prospective customers with laser precision and get you the results you need to grow your business.    sponsor  


Have a suggestion for a productivity-related tool, article, or other resource? Send me a direct message via X (@LouisLazaris) and I’ll consider including it in a future issue.

Stay productive!


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