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Issue #162  (Spend 36 Minutes a Day on Email) 03/21/22

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I subscribe to a lot of newsletters, but this is definitely one I look forward to. Entertaining with lots of cool and useful coding tidbits and tools.

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It's amazing how a simple UI feature can lay dormant for so many years then just take off in popularity in a short time. One good example of this is the command palette. I see tons of tools that incorporate a command palette (or drawer, if you will) as their primary product or as a feature within a larger platform.

Text editors and browser developer tools are two examples that have included some kind of command palette for years before this UI feature took off in other places.

Eesel's command palette
The Chrome extension eesel is built around a command palette UI

As you'll see in the tools section below, two of the apps featured this week include a command palette, but in different contexts.

I love the command palette because it's simple, it's linear in its process (i.e. you search, you get a list), and it doesn't stray too much from stuff we're already used to doing.

If you find an app or platform is difficult to use, find out if it has a command palette for searching. If you're building an app, include a command palette if possible — your users will love it.

Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!


Tools & Apps

Sol — A macOS command palette and app launcher. Similar to other commercial tools but this one is open source.

Newsletter to Kindle — Read your newsletter subscriptions on your Kindle device. You can set up auto-forwarding or integrate with Gmail.

Kaizen Flow — A relaxing music-enhanced Pomodoro-based work session timer with optional to-do list and option to choose lo-fi mode vs. brain music.

Wannadocs — A knowledge base management system to create public product docs for your customers or internal knowledge base for your team, all within the same UI.

tubeSeek — A platform that lets you add public or private tags to YouTube videos so you can organize them better, potentially useful for tagging videos in a foreign language or that have irrelevant titles.

eesel — Chrome extension that lets you access all your apps in a single command palette, accessible as a new tab page, or even with a keyboard shortcut.

The All-in-One Modern Data Platform You Need — Get everything you need to combine, organize, and transform your data for analysis, including a Snowflake data warehouse and ETL tools.    sponsor  

Articles & Resources

What We Lost — The endless video calls that have increased over the past two years have made us lose much in the way of human senses.

Time Millionaires: Meet the People Pursuing the Pleasure of Leisure — This leans a bit on the "anti-work" trend that's been popular of late, and which I disagree with in general. But I do believe in balance of work and leisure, which is the main challenge addressed here.

How to Spend 36 Minutes a Day on Email — Some good practical suggestions, assuming of course, you want to spend 36 minutes or less on on email.

▷ 8 Mistakes You Make When Planning your Day — A video from the popular Mariana's Corner YouTube channel that has almost 700k subscribers.

What to Do When You’re Stuck in the Survival Zone — If work makes you frustrated and easily triggered, and you're on the verge of burnout, this might be a good read.

5 Productivity Secrets From Legendary Leaders — Interesting and valuable suggestions from a diverse range of successful people.

Beginner JavaScript — 88 HD videos. A fun, exercise-heavy approach to learning modern JavaScript from scratch. For absolute beginners to intermediate devs who want to nail their JS fundamentals.     sponsor  


Have a suggestion for a productivity-related tool, article, or other resource? Send me a direct message via X (@LouisLazaris) and I’ll consider including it in a future issue.

Stay productive!


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