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Tech Productivity

Issue #151  (5 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job) 01/03/22

A humorous tweet from Dani Donovan on how to deal with an overwhelming to-do list, but contains a nice discussion starter on getting big jobs done:

Tweet on Productivity by Danny Donovan

While the process depicted above is certainly not a productive one, I think there are a few benefits to doing going through the steps shown:

  • The obvious one is actually being able to manage the large tasks (but of course replacing the word "ignorable" in the last comic frame with "manageable").
  • The less obvious benefit is that maybe when you break a task down, you'll realize some of those smaller tasks don't actually have to get done. So now that large task turns into a single more manageable one.
  • Or maybe you'll simply realize it wasn't ever a big task, just a more intimidating one, something you were more afraid of tackling for reasons you shouldn't be.
Whatever the case, I think breaking stuff down is always a good thing, and can yield different outcomes, mostly positive.
Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!

Tools & Apps

Webrowse - Chrome or Edge extension to browse websites together with your teammates, to easily collaborate via a shared browsing window during your online meetings.

/tap - Powerful and customizable platform that lets you build your own note-taking system, complete with methods to track, organize, calculate, and visualize your ideas.

Rize - An intelligent time tracker app for Mac and Windows that improves your focus and helps you build better work habits.

Volley - An asynchronous video messaging app for mobile and desktop, to help teams improve communication, onboarding, coaching, learning, etc.

Readwok - A web-based e-book reader that lets you upload EBUB, MOBI, FB2, or TXT, to read it on a mobile or desktop device then edit and personalize the text as you read.

Life of Discipline - A habit tracker that integrates with Notion and has beautiful calendar heat maps to help keep you motivated.

Best ETL Tools in 2021 - ETL tools allow you to gather all of your data in one organized place for better analysis. Learn about the best tools, including Mozart Data’s tool that can be set up in just hours.   sponsored  

Articles & Resources

Steal Successful Ideas From Everywhere - Not about stealing in the criminal sense, but realizing that very few ideas are actually original and piggybacking on the wins of others can be a solid road to your own achievements.

5 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job - A few of these are obvious, a few not-so-obvious. But a decent list, especially in the current workers market.

Slow Down, Finish Faster - A down-to-earth piece mainly aimed at new software developers, but some of the concepts are probably applicable to others too.

Deep Time: A Conversation with Oliver Burkeman - This is from Sam Harris's podcast, a 40-minute discussion with a NYT bestselling productivity author.

Revisiting “The 4-Hour Workweek” - Soft paywall. A New Yorker piece that examines Tim Ferris's well-known 2007 book on the topic in light of the current landscape.

Be More Productive with a 3-Point Plan - An especially-important suggestion if you have limited time in which to get your work done.

Find, Visualize and Apply the Hidden Gems in Your Spam Inbox - Checkmate is the first tool ever built to sort, visualize and apply the deals from your spam inbox while you shop, finding hidden gems and saving early users an average of $40 per checkout. It’s completely free! Try Checkmate today!   sponsored  


Have a suggestion for a productivity-related tool, article, or other resource? Send me a direct message via X (@LouisLazaris) and I’ll consider including it in a future issue.

Stay productive!


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