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Tech Productivity

Issue #134  (Recovering From Developer Burnout) 09/06/21

If you're into checking out books on productivity, I've got a Recommended Reading page on this newsletter's website with some suggestions for books related to productivity. I've just added a handful of new books to that list.

Recommended Reading on Productivity

A few are my own picks, but most are ones that come recommended in the tech and productivity industry and that are well ranked on Amazon. All the links on that page are affiliate links, so I'll get a small cut if you buy something. A few other ways you can support this newsletter are:
Wes's courses are the best, so even if you don't use the affiliate links, you're still getting a great product.

Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!

Tools & Apps

Defonic - Create immersive soundscapes to use as background for relaxation, better productivity, better focus, etc.

Noteli - A CLI based note-taking app built using TypeScript, MongoDB and Auth0.

EasyBusy - A productivity app (iOS, desktop, and web) to help you keep all your tasks and ideas in one place, complete them on time, and never forget anything.

Gather - A video chat platform designed to make virtual interactions more human by means of an almost video-game like environment with objects, integrations, and customizability.

Soon - Collaborative team scheduling that lets teams create shifts, manage leave, and streamline daily tasks.

Free Guide: The Evolution of JavaScript Tooling - Frameworks and libraries have been created to ease the burden of writing complex UI code. Learn how to deliver applications faster, better, and on budget in our free guide. Download Your Free Guide!   sponsored  

Articles & Resources

Getting Unstuck - Jonas Lundberg with the first of a two-part series on how to get your mental model to match the situation you're currently dealing with.

How to Prevent or Recover from Developer Burnout - Anastasia on the red flags of developer burnout, practical advice on how to prevent it, and actionable steps of how to overcome and recover from the damage.

The Best Time-Management Advice is Depressing But Liberating - Based on an interview with journalist and author Oliver Burkeman who's promoting a new book.

Work Hard - A good read by Terence Tao that's not referring to work that burns you out but instead doing high-quality work in reasonable increments of time.

Creative Habit Generator - A simple little tool for some inspiration. Just pick what you want to accomplish then this will spit out a fairly ambitious to-do list.

Elevate Fall Summit Free Tickets - Grab your free tickets for Elevate, the biggest conference for engineering and product leaders, with speakers like Reddit’s CTO or Slack’s VP Engineering. Use promo code WTW21 to get a 100% discount on the 3-day pass.    sponsored  


Have a suggestion for a productivity-related tool, article, or other resource? Send me a direct message via X (@LouisLazaris) and I’ll consider including it in a future issue.

Stay productive!


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