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Tech Productivity

Issue #130  (Why I'm Unreachable) 08/09/21

You might have heard of Andrew Hales (AKA LAHWF) from his hilarious "social experiments" on YouTube. He's one of the original YouTube pranksters but in recent years he's delved more into vlogging and interviews as well as fan Q&As.

He recently did a video called 5 Tips on How to be More Productive, Successful, and Motivated. Sounds kinda click-baity, but Andrew's got a down-to-earth style and in this video he goes through some of his personal tips, book suggestions, and inspiration for being more productive.

Andrew Hales' Productivity Tips

If you can get past the occasional curse word and the ridiculous t-shirt, there's some decent advice here for those who feel the same way as the person whose question he's answering in the video.

Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!

Tools & Apps

neverinstall - A powerful platform for accessing desktop applications through the browser, making your apps 10x faster than on your local machine.

Tactic - App that helps remote companies seamlessly return to the office and make long-term decisions backed by data.

Habistastic - A habit tracker with a note-taking feature to help you achieve your goals.

Re:Schedule - Mac or iOS app that integrates agendas, tasks, and meeting notes with your calendar to help you easily collaborate with your team and have productive meetings.

minimal-twitter - Chrome or Firefox extension to give you a cleaner look for Twitter's UI (no promoted posts, no trending topics, etc).

Stock Market Data API - The marketstack API offers free stock data in JSON for various ticker symbols. Access real-time and historical data for over 170,000+ stock tickers. Get Your Free API Key!   sponsored  

Articles & Resources

The Guilt of Not Working More, When We’re Done for the Day - A brief article on the fear we sometimes have of 'wrapping things up' without feeling guilty that we didn't do enough.

Things Your Manager Might Not Know - Julia Evans looks at some things your manager might not know about you and your team that can make everyone's jobs easier if they knew them.

Here's To the Crazy Ones: Lessons Learned at Apple - Avy Faingezicht left Apple after 6 years. This outlines what he learned about personal drive, technology, organizations, and project/people management.

Why I'm Unreachable and Maybe You Should Be Too - Entrepreneur Pieter Levels (known for Nomad List, Remote OK, among others) explains why he's more productive when nobody can reach him.

Why It’s So Hard to Put Boundaries on Our Time - The remote work boom has instigated discussions like this one about defining clear lines between home and work.

Developer Stories From Hell - More than 20 real, honest, lovely and very uniquely painful stories from a Developer collected in a book of "pain and humour".    sponsored  


Have a suggestion for a productivity-related tool, article, or other resource? Send me a direct message via X (@LouisLazaris) and I’ll consider including it in a future issue.

Stay productive!


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