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Tech Productivity

Issue #115  (How To Truly 10x Your Productivity) 04/26/21

If you have always been bad at drawing but want to improve, you'll enjoy this Hacker News thread that answers a user that wants to learn this relaxing skill.

The user that asks the question makes a good point about how drawing might be beneficial:

"I have been bad at drawing my whole life, but I think drawing can improve my career as an engineer. I want to be able to illustrate my ideas when writing blog posts and documentation."

Person Drawing

The thread has lots of good suggestions for books, websites, videos, and some direct tips on learning to draw should you want to learn this relaxing and de-stressing hobby.

Now on to this week's hand-picked productivity links!

Tools & Apps

Camo - Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android app that lets you use your phone as a webcam. Useful if your computer has a low-quality camera.

Conceptboard - An infinite whiteboard canvas for your whole team to work together and collaborate visually.

InPrivy - Easily share sensitive information with co-workers, clients, etc. via a one-time-use, secure, disappearing link.

Make Your Photo 16x9 - A simple online tool to convert a photo to 16x9 format, allowing you to fill in empty space with a color, transparency, or blur.

Vagon - A supercomputer in the cloud that lets you run CPU-intensive software on a device that wouldn't normally handle it due to hardware limitations.

Stay Online and Secure with Snapt Aria ADC – Fast, Agile, Efficient! - Reduce risk, build anywhere, be adaptable. Up to 5X faster application performance, and 80% lower TCO compared with the competition. Aria's 14-day free trial includes a complete Load Balancer, Web Accelerator, WAF, and GSLB.     sponsored  

Articles & Resources

'I Get Better Sleep': The People Who Quit Social Media - Interviews with people who don't use social media apps and how much more productive and happy they are.

The Power Of Simplicity: How To Manage Our Complexity Bias - Why is it that we struggle so much to embrace the power of simplicity? And how can we balance complexity and simplicity?

Engineering Productivity Can Be Measured - Just Not How You'd Expect - The co-founders of Okay discuss the wrong way and what they now believe is the right way to measure productivity in software development.

Personal Leverage: How to Truly 10x Your Productivity - If you're searching for productivity apps and hacks to accomplish Elon Musk-levels of output you're looking in the wrong place.

The Best Standing Desks - This is an up-to-date guide published by NY Times that looks at different options for standing desks.


Have a suggestion for a productivity-related tool, article, or other resource? Send me a direct message via X (@LouisLazaris) and I’ll consider including it in a future issue.

Stay productive!


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